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New Items
Part No.BrandDescriptionRRP inc VATUnit of Measure
TRN0106115 Trem Waterlock 6L £124.61 EACH
TRN0218005 Trem Padlock 30mm Set of 5 £25.49 EACH
TRN1435060 Trem Ring Lifebuoy £26.20 EACH
TRN1515370 Trem Horseshoe Buoy Set Orange £62.30 EACH
TRN1555000 Trem Horseshoe Buoy Yellow £29.74 EACH
TRN1555001 Trem Horseshoe Buoy Orange £29.74 EACH
TRN1575077 Trem Horseshoe Buoy Yellow £21.24 EACH
TRN1660004 Trem Rescue Buoy Yellow £73.63 EACH
TRN2808038 Trem Set 10 Wooden Plugs - From 8 to 38mm £4.67 EACH
TRN3513020 Trem Mooring Compensator 600mm length £21.24 EACH
TRN6263572 Trem Winch Handle Pocket 85x50x290mm £9.35 EACH
TRO0579429 Trem Motor Bracket £79.30 EACH
TRO0829479 Trem Motor Bracket Steel £121.07 EACH
NC13249001 Navico Low Current NAC-2 Autopilot up to 33ft length boat £859.99 EACH
NC13894001 Navico AP48 Autopilot Controller £959.99 EACH
QKFSGP21500008A00 Quick GP2 1500 Windlass 500W 12V 8mm £1,068.84
PEAM004 Peelaway Peelaway Marine 4kg Includes Blankets and Spatula £69.00 EACH
PEAM010 Peelaway Peelaway Marine 10kg Includes Blankets and Spatula £160.01 EACH
PEAM150 Peelaway Peelaway Marine Test Kit Includes Blankets and Spatula £14.02 EACH
PEAMB10 Peelaway Peelaway Marine Blankets Spares for 10kg and 4kg £14.02 EACH
Q029073 Hella 2NM Plug-In Pole Anchor Lamp 24in White £71.24 EACH
JW0113311225 Old Town Saranac Seat Back Kit £72.40 EACH
JW0113312011 Ocean Kayak Thwart 32.5" £24.18 EACH
JW0720000270 Old Town 6" Round T Handle Hatch £44.74 EACH
JW0720000630 Ocean Kayak Carry Handle Bottom Piece for Ocean Kayak models £5.58 EACH
JW0732570000 Ocean Kayak Trident 2017 on Rudder Kit - for 11,13 & 15 £385.14 EACH
TRB1675099 Trem Top Comfort Cushion Navy Blue £56.64 EACH
TRD1000042 Trem Hold Down Kit For Fuel Tanks Universal £13.87 EACH
TRD3100022 Trem Floating Cork Keyring £3.25 EACH
TRL4000000 Trem Emergency Nav Light (Set of 3) £11.40 EACH
TRL4620003 Trem Handheld Anemometer 41x93x17mm £42.48 EACH
TRL5380375 Trem Access Hatch Black 275x375 £14.16 EACH
TRL8000100 Trem All Round White Light Flush Deck Fitting £54.13 EACH
TRO1411000 Trem Seat Polyethylene £39.65 EACH
TRO1412074 Trem Folding Seat White 410x360Px480Hmm £58.06 EACH
TRO1730140 Trem Pivoting Crane Max Weight 55kg 1400x500mm £147.26 EACH
TRO1740090 Trem Davits Pair Max Weight 130 kg 40mm tube £276.12 EACH
TRO1740120 Trem Davits Pair 40mm tube £368.16 EACH
TRP0000100 Trem Heavy Duty Funnel £4.96 EACH
TRP0010000 Trem Rubber Bucket Alum Handle 8L £6.79 EACH
TRP0975080S Trem Fender Sock 70x140mm Navy Blue £9.62 EACH
TRP1180120 Trem Regatta Mark Buoy Cylindrical 1200mm Height £53.81 EACH
TRP1512100 Trem Dock Fender Rubber 1000x120x70mm £23.22 EACH
TRP1527027 Trem Bumper 3/4 Dock Fender White 270x885x270mm £83.54 EACH
TRL0270502 Trem Trump Horn 20cm Length £7.37 EACH
TRL2200323 Trem Waterproof Torch £8.21 EACH
TRL2680000 Trem Barometer 3inch Gold £87.08 EACH
TRL2880000 Trem Clock 3 inch Gold £75.05 EACH
TRL2880120 Trem Clock 3inch With Alarm Gold £82.13 EACH
TRL2900065 Trem Binoculars Central Focus 7x50 £77.99 EACH
TRL2960055 Trem Compass Binoculars 7 x 50 £130.27 EACH
TRL2960084 Trem Binocular 7x50 Autofocus Black/Yellow £82.13 EACH
TRL3400043 Trem Radar Reflector Octohedral £12.67 EACH
TRL3405620 Trem Radar Reflector Tubular £16.57 EACH
TRS1509004 Trem 4 Step Emergency Safety Ladder 1060mm length £9.96 EACH
TRS1630005 Trem 5 Step Emergency Safety Ladder 145x26cm £26.90 EACH
TRS1902027 Trem Platform Ladder 3 Step 360x270mm £167.09 EACH
TRS4721075I Trem Liferaft Adjustable Cradle £106.76 EACH
TX7213111 SeaStar Solutions Insert Kit CH1700 Black £28.79 EACH