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Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world, with almost a century's experience in developing and supplying the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry.

Lowrance Fish Hunter Series

Fish Hunter 3D

The most advanced portable product, FishHunter 3D gives you all the versatility of the original castable with enhanced features like directional casting, custom mapping and fishing with 3D images.
Just because you do not have a boat, does not mean you cannot fish like the pros. FishHunter is pocket-sized technology that floats on the surface of the water and sends you sonar views via the FishHunter app. It tracks bottom depth, water temperature, fish location and lures to help you find and catch more fish. Even if you have conventional sonar technology, FishHunter gives you access to shallow and vegetative areas you could not reach by boat.
When you are in frozen environments and you cannot get your boat out, you do not have to sacrifice your sonar views as well. Capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -30°C, placing your FishHunter on the ice will give you the depth of the water below before you have even drilled a hole. Once you have bitten into the ice, dropping FishHunter into the water will let you know immediately if you have found a great spot.
If you are new to sonar technology or want the simplest view of what is going on beneath FishHunter, use Fish ID. We interpret the RAW data for you, cutting out any white noise and simplifying the bottom structure to give you the clearest view below the water. Most importantly, Fish ID clearly points out your target for you with one of three different sized fish icons.
Only on FishHunter 3D, its unique 5-transducer arrangement shows you where fish are in relation to your castable. This feature dramatically increases your chances of catching fish by landing your bait as close to them as possible.
When you donÉt have much time out on the water, these lifelike images of whatÉs going on beneath your FishHunter 3D will give you the best chance of finding and catching fish. This is the most easily discernible sonar view, allowing you to spend less time interpreting the screen and more time fishing.
Exclusively with FishHunter 3D, understand your favourite fishing territories inside out with 3D mapping. You can now form accurate and beautiful custom maps, see drop offs, ledges and ditches with uncompromising clarity and mark your favourite fishing spots with waypoints.
  • Reliable WiFi, no data connection required - offering a more reliable connection with better range than Bluetooth®, the WiFi connection between FishHunter & your smartphone or tablet does not require a cellular or internet connection & keeps your phone available for texts & calls
  • Buoy-like design - get a more reliable WiFi connection with FishHunters unique, buoy-like design, which is difficult to submerge
  • Multiple fishing views - see fish as fish symbols with Fish View, get unfiltered sonar returns in Raw View or find fish under the ice with Ice Fishing Flasher & Raw views
  • Create custom maps - create custom bathymetric contour colour charts of your favourite fishing spot or the entire lake by trolling FishHunter Pro behind your boat
  • Integrated LED light - FishHunter 3D is easy to see during early morning/nighttime conditions due to an integrated LED light that also functions as battery indicator/charging light
  • Tri-frequency coverage - FishHunter 3D features five tri-frequency transducers, each supporting 381kHz, 475kHz and 675kHz frequencies
  • FishHunter app - log catches, waypoints, follow your friends & even live stream catches around the world with the free FishHunter app, available from the IOS App & Google Play Stores
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