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 Part No.NameDescriptionRRP inc VATUnit of Measure
FI00001Fire Blanket 1m x 1m In Red Casing Length: 1000 MM Width: 1000 MM £11.86 EACH
FI00002Fire Ext 1kg ABC Powder Brass Valve Height: 330 MM Weight: 2.14 KG Width: 95 MM £16.56 EACH
FI00003Fire Ext 2kg ABC Powder Brass Valve Height: 380 MM Weight: 3.6 KG Width: 125 MM £27.17 EACH
FI00004Alpha 600 Dry Powder 0.60kg Aerosol Height: 281 MM Weight: 0.76 KG Width: 94 MM £11.52 EACH
FI00005Beta 950 Dry Powder 0.95kg Aerosol Height: 302 MM Weight: 1.1 KG Width: 96 MM £15.41 EACH
FI00006Auto Fire Extinguisher 1kg Clean Agent Height: 330 MM Weight: 2.14 KG Width: 95 MM £133.34 EACH
FI00007Auto Fire Extinguisher 1.5kg Clean Agent Height: 380 MM Weight: 3.1 KG Width: 125 MM £201.46 EACH
FI00009Auto Fire Extinguisher 1.0kg Dry Powder Height: 364 MM Weight: 1 KG Width: 130 MM £44.21 EACH
FI00010Auto Fire Extinguisher 2.0kg Dry Powder Height: 380 MM Width: 140 MM £54.86 EACH
FI00011ABC Dry Powder 8A / 55B 1kg £28.08 EACH